Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Damn Good Coffee

Tuesday morning I got out of bed after sleeping in til 6:30. I showered and did some grading and prepared to head downstairs. Breakfast was on the job and I wanted to see what I could get for an early morning breakfast in London at a fancy place like this.

The boutique hotel reminded me of the IP Boutique in Korea, which is to say, that the IP Boutique had most likely copied this Boutique hotel. I was mildly amused.

The breakfast room downstairs was quiet and I got a little table by myself and looked over the menu but decided on the breakfast buffet.

“Would you like coffee?”

“Is there a god?”

“Cream and sugar?”

“Black is fine.”

While coffee made its way to me I made my way to breakfast which had breads and cheeses and fruits and yogurts. Nothing out of the ordinary or surprising. I had some cheese as it was low carb day and waited for the coffee.

A coworker came in while I was sitting and sat down, we chatted. The coffee arrived in a pretty little white porcelain cup on a saucer. I talked, allowing just enough time before having the coffee, which I turned towards me.

My co-worker talked as I raised a cup to my lips.

My co-worker talked as I took a sip.

“Oh, my that’s…that’s damn good coffee. Damn good coffee.”

My co-worker stopped and looked me.

Part of my wanted to apologize but I didn’t. I stand by my coffee exclamation. I had a second cup.

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