Monday, August 03, 2015

Dinner Alone, No.

After a bit more indecisive wandering, without the heavy bag, I finally decided on the pub. I walked in and the place as absolutely packed but it advertised a downstairs dining area so I thought I was in luck. I was wrong, sadly, as it was closed so I ended up standing in the middle of a busy bar like a lump trying to figure out what to do.


I turned around.

“Whyntcha take this seat here, I’ll watch it for you while you order.”

The gent in question talking to me was an older bloke who had been leaning over a railing from a slightly elevated indoor bar deck. And just behind him was a small table tucked in the corner. I shrugged, knowing I’d have to sing for my seat but deciding it was worth it all the same.


And so I went and ordered fish and chips, because London, and a glass of red wine, because me, and asked if they would serve it or if I’d need to wait. It didn’t look like the waitstaff did much serving, so I waited, grabbed my food, and squeezed in past the bloke to the seat. Of course, since I had walked the whole of London I decided I could have fish and chips.

“Oh, that looks alright.”

“It does.”

“And what are you hear for?”

“A meeting.”



It was at that point that I think we both decided rather completely on anonymity, and while I understood that he was really hoping to get laid he caught on really quick that the best he was going to get was a conversation and that was something we could both live with. And so it was, he talked about construction and teaching business people, watching young executives waste money in London, and the prospect of retirement. I talked about Korea, about New York, travel, adventure, and life. After an hour, and a second glass of wine, I stood, we shook hands, and I saw myself back down the road to the hotel where I crashed fully exhausted from the long day, morning in-room workout, two mile walk and talking dinner.

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