Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Let's Entertain Myself

Tuesday was rather less exciting, in that to find the location for my meeting was much easier as it was scheduled to be around the corner from the hotel. After five and a half hours of talking linguistic theory and learner development I was freed to finish my day at the hotel. I had a few meetings and at 5 o’clock decided I really needed to get out of my room and see something, anything else.

What to do in London now?

Fuck it, let’s walk to Buckingham Palace.

Taking the most unreliable monster that was my phone with me, I looked up directions and headed out again. I found the Mall easily enough and walked down the long, clear parkway. I could imagine what it must be like to stand as an observer on the Mall waiting and watching a hundred years ago to get a glimpse of a royal hand, what it might be like today during national holidays and large events to do the same. On this pleasant Tuesday afternoon it was uncrowded, with people playing up and down in the park, willow trees blowing in the wind, and children laughing and rolling on the ground and tourists groups full of school children on one hand and Koreans on the other, walked towards the palace.

From my hotel it was only about a mile to the palace and so it took me little time to walk out. It was, of course gorgeous, and the clouds behind it that afternoon made it look somewhat intimidating and fierce, with gold glit angels shining and sparkling in the occasional beams of sunshine that punched through crowds. I stood for a while, watching cars navigate the roundabout, listening to tourists and their chatter, and enjoying the pleasant mix of gloomy clouds and random sun, before I realized I was actually kind of hungry and now would be a good time for dinner.

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