Friday, August 07, 2015

Of course, Shakespeare.

The next day was all work, which ended with a walk to a rather impressive Tavern overlooking the river (?) where I and my many colleagues had a bit too much champagne and wine and talking but overall enjoyed ourselves quite a bit. Londoners, it seems, have a very Korean idea of weekday drinking habits, and I can get behind that.

Once the drinking had ended it was time to head back to the hotel, but I decided, since this was the last night I had free in London that I needed to do one more thing. That thing? Go and see the Globe theater, or at least the re-incarnation of the Globe theater. I had mentioned this earlier and someone tried to get me a ticket to As You Like It, but sadly there were not tickets for the show. I was fine with that, as I mostly just wanted the experience of seeing the place. Having said goodbye to my colleagues, who pointed me in the general direction to walk, I set off.

This walk took me along the river, which was lovely as the sun was  slowly lowering in the sky. There were people everywhere, picnicking, and having dinner, which reminded me that I would need to eat dinner at some point myself, but I would worry about that later, I decided. However, I wasn’t sure about eating along the river. I was sure that I wanted to keep walking and find the theater.

Again, it’s overwhelming to walk in London. I want to live in this city, to just be able to be there for a year so I can walk about like these Londonites who no longer look about their day to day with awe. I might need more than a year, maybe five, until this place could stop fascinating me. It’s just so full of so many things. Living and breathing history, an experience that I would have over and over again, where it not quite so expensive (the place is not cheap). Maybe I’ll get lucky and my employer will decide to move me there, one can always hope.

The walk was around two miles during which I passed any manner of things, took any manner of pictures, and mostly was so full of champagne and wine that everything was pretty and interesting and amusing and joyful and exciting. The excitement and anticipation building as I passed the posted maps where, when I started walking did not show the Globe, but as I continued to walk finally showed it getting closer and closer until, finally, I passed under a bridge and there it emerged in front of me, a pretty round building with a mural dedicated to its history posted out front.

The thing that shocked me most was that it was so small.

But it felt enormous. I walked about it taking pictures and thinking and just breathing in the air in the space until I noticed there was a Globe Bar, because of course. I walked  up the stairs, where some very pleasant waiters happily seated me at a long wooden bench table where I had a drink and broke bread. Because Shakespeare.

I skipped the walk back and got into a black cab, its own experience. Inside the cab I learned from reading that the shape and design was optimal for passengers, and that the shape and construction of the cab was popular around the world. The cab included a long bench seat in the back and in the front a blank space where two jump seat could be folded down, easily allowing you to fit five. To get inn you open the door and just walk in, making it really easy to enter and exit. The interior rather like that of a can, but in the size of a car. The driver was pleasant and I was back in St. Martin’s Lane without any trouble before I could even begin to worry about it. 

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