Saturday, August 08, 2015

Sometimes I have good ideas, and then really bad ones.

New York was waiting for me, but not the dog. The dog was still off in Chicago and arrangements would have to be made. I missed the dog immensely and my place felt lonely without him. In the meantime I had something different to focus on because for no readily apparent reason I had decided before leaving for London that it would be a good idea to perform in a friend’s eclectic review in an off-Broadway show. I don’t always make great decisions about things, and considering, this seemed like a bad one.

I had selected a few pieces of writing and sent them along, and of the three, one was selected as a piece that would be totally appropriate for the show. I was asked to memorize it.

That should have been the first sign that I was in over my head, as memorizing things for a performance is practically my kryptonite. I’m good at hitting bullet points, or outlining a plan and staying on it, but memorization? Saying exact words in an exact order? Not so good at that. Fortunately I had a week to prepare, but unfortunately I didn’t really know if even a week would be enough. The fact that I had only a week was entirely my fault, of course. I had over am month to knuckle down and rehearse, but between my dog dying and going to London, it had gotten away from me.

I tried all sorts of things.

I tried writing it over and over again.

I tried reading it over and over again.

None of that was working very well. I asked Hellion to help.

“How do you memorize a script?”

“Did you read it?”


“Read it again.”

“Okay, after that?”

“That’s kinda it.”


Finally, I recorded the damn pieces and started listening to it over and over again on my walk to work in the morning. This worked better and after four days I had all of 1 minute of a 5 minute piece memorized.

At least the impending panic of performing in the show was distracting me from the quiet home with its lack of dog.

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