Monday, November 23, 2015

Airport Showers

Detroit was fun. Somehow, with all the flying that I do, I had managed to earn a medallion, which let me tell you, makes flying a LOT of fun. I also get special privileges for lounges. The last time I had a layover in Detroit it had been very painful. There is not a lot to do, not a lot of good places to eat, and basically I spent about three hours being bored. I skipped using the lounge privileges, even though I had them. This time, I was going to do that differently.

I looked up the lounges and realized there was one that included a shower and suddenly that seemed like a really good idea. I like showers and for some reason on my flight back I was sitting next to two people that basically never needed to move. This is all well and good, but my bladder was dying most of the flight and I didn’t want to touch myself anymore that feeling of being “unclean” was everywhere.

Having successfully navigated through security and the immigration, I found the location of the lounge and started walking that way. Lucky for me, this particular lounge was right at the end of the corridor that connected the international arrivals to the main airport. Perfect.

I went in and stated my request and was directed upstairs to talk to someone about getting a shower. The very nice lady behind the counter upstairs was only too happy to help me and before you knew it I had some luxury shower products and a nicely assorted private room to shower in.

I showered at the airport. It was glorious.

Some free booze and a little time waiting later and I was back in New York city, into the loving paws of a small dog and with an entire day off to recover from my trip.

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