Thursday, November 19, 2015

But, hey, while in Korea

I woke up on Wednesday morning, did all the work that I had to do that morning, and then suited up to leave the little officetel I was staying in. The officetel came with Korean style buffet breakfast so I indulged in kim-chi and muyguk and coffee and kim before heading out to find a cab and work my way over to Dongdaemun. I had looked up where to go online, since again NOT Daegu, I was not going to be able to direct my cab out of a paper bag.

Down the street from the officetel I landed a decent coffee, found an ajoshi, and told here where I needed to go.

“Yeah, sunsangnim, Dongdaemun jiachil yuk, pal bun, jusayeo.”

“Pal bun?”

“Nah, pal bun?”

“Ooooohhhh…pal bun, molagesyao?”

“Dongdaemun shijung, jiachil, pal, pal chil?”

“Dongdaemun, arrayo.”

We were off. I also know from the conversation that we were off but I was screwed. Driver was going to take me to Dongdaemun, but he was not sure where the subway exit I wanted to be dropped at was. That meant I would either make it to my destination or make it near my destination, but which was going to happen was entirely unclear.


I sat back and watched Seoul crawl by outside my window. The air was hazy, the country had been dry for too long. It was warm, not the sweat and pleasant chill of early October, but a more hazy lingering final days of summer. The air was smoggy and clogged, but I didn’t mind it. Korea was being Korea with all its smells and emotions and feelings and for the moment I was alone and content to be by myself and just be.

Of course, twenty minutes later I was being let out on a corner in the middle of Dongdaemun without the slightest idea of where I was, but also knowing this was not where I wanted to be.


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