Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Somehow, in October, I managed to go to Korea and back so fast that I barely feel like it happened. Unlike my last visit to Korea, this trip was not for pleasure but for work. There was a realization on this trip as well, that everyone I knew and love in Korea had almost entirely moved on. Transitions in their life, their situations, their relationships, and time the great and ever driving force of change, had moved almost everyone I know on to some place that I really couldn’t reach anymore.

This is not to say that I haven’t also changed. Change happens to everyone, and two years no longer an expat have had an impact. I am very happy I live in an international city where I can still feel like I’m in a place far away and my travel adventures have not come to an end. If anything the world is bigger now than it has ever been before. My life is not locked between Korea and America. There is a freedom in that.

Work was the point of this trip and though I have written much about the trip for work, most of it is exactly that. The tedium and boredom of working with no free time for myself outside the confines of being on, being forced to perform. Sometimes my performance met expectations and other times it did not. These are the hazards of doing nothing but work with no time to do anything but perform.

The best day I had in Korea was Wednesday before the madness really started. I flew on a Monday, landed on a Tuesday and had barely any time to catch my breath before it was in fact a Wednesday. This was my jet lag recovery day and I had only and exactly one thing I wanted to do and that was to go fabric shopping. Since I didn’t have time to go to Daegu, and really didn’t want to lug the bags around were I to do that, I went instead to Dongdaemun in Seoul. The big sprawling fortress of a fabric city with all its fixtures and notions. I was really excited about it and quite looking forward to it.

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