Saturday, January 28, 2017

Almost Somewhere

Last year had me on the road more often than not. I am looking on a year that will have similar amount of time traveling. I feel always best when I am somehow traveling, going, finding a new place, a new adventure. There is a sense of being inbetween when I am not traveling.

There is a sense of being almost somewhere when I am traveling.

There is no such thing as the location, there isn't a getting there, or a finding, or a landing, or an arrival. There is just the sense of being almost there.

Waking up in a hotel, strange rooms, new walls, different beds. Some better than others. Last year I ended up in a place with a twin bed with pillows so old and used that I wanted to call down and scream. I didn't. I just...accept.

When you are almost there you are always in between. You are just on the cusp of something. But never quite there.

On the road, a year on the road. Always somewhere. Always almost somewhere. Almost always landing. Almost always living. Almost always who you are supposed to be. Almost always.


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