Saturday, January 14, 2017

An Art Outing

I love a good museum.

I hate the MET.

I really wanted to love the MET, but it's just not for me. On my outing, upon entering, the crowd was shuffled into the ancient Egyptian display. There was no way to avoid this display if one perhaps wanted to avoid it. The crowd was super thick and a bit stifling. Try as I wanted to get away it was pretty much impossible to do it.

In my effort to try to get away from the crazy crowd I somehow ended up in ancient Korean ceramics. This was not where I wanted to be. After more than a decade in Korea, and having seen some of the best collections of Korean ceramics in the world, this was not where I wanted to be. Eventually, I had to beg a security guard to help me get out.

Somehow, I ended up in Medieval Christmas, which is apparently what everyone on the planet was visiting the MET for. In the end getting out of the MET was better than being in, though I did enjoy the sculpture garden I managed to stumble into by accident.

Outside the city was still warm. I went to central park and got some street meet and watched a busker blow bubbles for tips. The wind was too rough and he wasn't able to get either as big or as long lasting as he wanted but the rainbow prisms were pretty and calming after having been stuck for so long in the MET.

Perhaps it was simply the day I chose to go or perhaps it is because I love the Art Institute so much. It is hard to know for sure. Perhaps someday I will try again.

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