Thursday, January 05, 2017

Chilly Weather

Fun thing about winter. Winter does not mean we don't have global warming. The fact that Chicago's winter didn't arrive until January I find a bit disturbing. We've only had one reasonably decent snow and aside from a couple of short cold snaps it has been rather unseasonably cold.
I like winter best of all, but I'll be abandoning it soon enough. I have trips to everywhere coming up. Sort of like the end of last year when I also had trips to everywhere. I went roughly 12 weeks being on the road at least five days out of each. At times it was a bit much even more me and I like to travel.

I found that in my downtime, though, I missed being on the road. There is something lovely about the simplicity of being able to just go, go, go.

I travel so much that the clerk's at the first class lounge in Chicago know me on sight.

"Off again?"

"You know it."

"Anywhere fun this time?"

"It's always work, but sometimes work can be always fun."

I've gotten so used to being in the airport that I feel strange if I am away for longer than a few days. It will be good to fly again.

I also enjoy getting to be places I have never been before. For now, by the end of the month I will have seen New Orleans and Warsaw, as well as Liverpool specifically in London, where I usually stay in the strand.

That I have been to London enough to say I have a usual place also amused me.
Regardless of the turmoil. I'm happy with the way the year is starting off. The stories to tell. I'm sure there will be stories.

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