Friday, January 27, 2017

Elysian Fields: 25 Years

Somehow I ran across an ad for a concert being performed by Elysian Fields. It had been 25 years since Jennifer Charles crooned out the vocals to their first album Bleed Your Cedar.  This album is one that always makes me think of times at Shimer, young love, transitions, beginnings and endings.

Her voice always fills me with both melancholy and ennui. I've recognized her more than once singing or doing spot vocals for other bands. She has a dark throaty voice. The music is best described as art house rock. I first listened to her album when I was 21. It was a good album then. I was excited to here her sing this album 25 years later.

For the show I wanted to showcase the goth I was but rarely get to be, being beaten down by being so terribly corporate most days. I wore a plaid bustier that I thought would present me in an interesting light. I felt all the mellow gothness of my youth while I sat and sipped wine and enjoyed the concert.

The music was good, even though she didn't do a single song off Bleed Your Cedar, instead she her 10 year old album that I was not as familiar with. It didn't matter. My dark goth soul was still happy to hear it.

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