Thursday, January 12, 2017

Fish Food

Having been on the river all day for my boat ride, I suppose it makes sense that I was craving fish for dinner. Above the 2 and 3 exit near Malcom X Boulavard there is the Harlem Fish Market. I'd never been in, though I had walked by it probably at least once a month since I had moved to New York. Finally, I went in. 
The place reminded me of the fish monger street at Chilsung market in Korea. Lots of fish, packed in ice at eye level display. It was kind of perfect. In winter I always crave crab and lobster and other kinds of fish so I grabbed several handfulls of things to make for dinner. Boiled things up, melted some butter, mashed some cauliflower. I also picked up some horseradish to make some cocktail sauce with and a bunch of shrimp. For around 40 dollars I had enough dinner for two and invited Hellion to come join me after he finished work that night. 

 It was delicious. 

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