Thursday, January 26, 2017


The world today is full of ghosts. I pass them on the street. I smile I at them. I wave at them. They wave back. For awhile.

The wavers are the ghosts-to-be rather than the ghosts-that-are.

The ghosts-that-are have disappeared. They don't die they simply vanish into the darkness of the world taking all the feelings you have given and leaving nothing in return. These are hungry ghosts, full of want, craving.

Ghosts that want attention.

Ghosts that want satisfaction.

Ghosts that want time. Demand time. Always eager to have a little here, a little there.

Sometimes these ghosts are but fleeting predators, singling out the thing they desire most and working to achieve their goal. These ghosts are not dangerous, they take too little and give nothing at all. Their disappearance is felt for a moment and then, they are gone. Memories fleeting, but never manifested. Never real.

The other ghosts go deeper. They find the passion within a soul and bind to it. They share love.

So much love.

There is caring there, communion, salvation. There is a bond. These ghosts are the worst of all. Their disappearance is wrenching. These ghost are thieves, sneaking away in the night and taking something that cannot be described but something precious. Their loss brings madness as there can be no grief, no morning, just the acknowledgment of the emptiness left in the space they once filled.

These ghosts hurt more because they were loved and gave no indication that they were about to disappear. These ghosts hurt the most because I see them all around me. Smiling eyes, cheeks rosy, lips parted in a smile.

There is a sickness for a world of ghost, with Chaos and Despair as their chariots. Every person becoming a shadow, a careless thought, a nothing.

For one person real, for another a thousand collected and vanished moments that cannot be retrieved.

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