Sunday, January 08, 2017


Spending a great deal of time with the New York fetish community made me want to have something special, something just for me to wear out.

I'd been aware of Black Sheep Latex for awhile. I thought that a latex dress might be nice, fun. Interesting. 

It was interesting. I reached out to black sheep and picked out a cute black and white swing dress with polka dots. Why not, I thought. 

Really, why not. 

I remember the smell of it the day it arrived. The smell of rubber. The latex was cool to the touch and shiny. Where I thought it would be flat it instead had some texture to it. The white dots standing out just a bit. 

Then there was the feeling of wearing it. I had never had a piece of Latex for a garment before. After buying it, after where it the first time...yeah, I'm pretty sure there will be more.

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