Monday, January 09, 2017

Living in New York is not Living

At the end of 2016 I moved out of New York city. At the end of 2015 I decided to be a tourist in New York city, something I had not yet done.

The thing about living in a place is that you don't always experience it. One more, while listening to Chicago NPR, as the year end pledge drive was doing it's thing, they pitched the usual pledge drive gifts to convince people to apply for membership. Granted, I was already a member, but I don't mind listening to the drive.

One sweetener was an all expense paid weekend in New York that would include a Broadway show, some museum visits, and dinner.

"That sounds like fun, I wish I could do that," I said to my dog.

That was when the irony hit me so I decided to just do my own trip of New York. My company makes it easy to get cheap tickets to things so I picked up a tried and true tourist pass, the New York 6 day pass, that would encourage me to do the following:

Go to the MET
Go to the Empire State Building
Go to the Air and Space Museum
Go to the Natural History Museum
Go to the Cloister Museum
Go to the Empire State Building
Go on a boat ride

I had a nine day vacation to take care of and my goal was to do something in New York every day to make me feel like I was more connected to the city. To the list of things on the city pass I hooked up with Mr. Spanker to get tickets to a Broadway show, and decided to do a walking tour of Harlem, as I had not really done much in the city of Harlem. In all I had an itinerary that I felt was doable as well as something that would be entertaining. It would be a good end to the year and I would feel like i had finally "done" New York.

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