Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Air and Space Museum

Can I just say, the Intrepid Air and Space museum is hands down one of the best museums I have ever visited in my life. It is excellently curated, offers a lot to do, and the people who visit are just seriously engaged. They are tuned in and I love that. I love being surrounded by people who get it.

At the National History Museum I felt like I was surrounded by entitled little brats that were annoyed the museum was not the move. This was spectacularly annoying as it seemed like they really didn't want to be there at all, or at least they didn't appreciate what they were experiencing. Not so at the Air and Space museum.

I started off by going to see the Enterprise, which is in a special hanger on the deck of the Intrepid. As I took in the sight, something so amazing to me that I was almost in tears as I walked around the shuttle, I overheard the conversation of a father with his two teenage children.

"So, do you know how fast light travels?" he asked.

"Isn't it like a million miles or something," replied the daughter.

"I thought it was like 186,000 miles or so per second," from the son.

"Isn't that e=mc2?" asked the daughter.

"First, yes, the speed is closer to 186,000 miles per second, but the e=mc2 thing, is actually about relativity. What do you remember about relativity?"

"Well it's from Einstein, right?"

They moved away and I didn't hear the rest of the conversation but the good goddess knows how refreshing it was to be around people that were really, authentically, engaged.

I moved through the ship, took the Intrepid internal tour to see the decks and the crew spaces, looked at all the planes, took a ride on the sea to air deck, and generally had a great time. I avoided the submarine exhibit because I am claustrophobic enough and I took that warning seriously. Later, at work, when I reviewed my vacation with a co-worker she just looked at me and said "You did the right thing. I ignored the sign and about halfway through really wanted out of that sub but couldn't move!"

The Air and Space more than made up for the woeful Natural History Museum.

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