Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Hateful 8

To kick of my New York vacation I found out that the Tarantino film Hateful 8 was opening and showing in a select number of theaters where the screen was capable of properly streaming 70mm film. Technically, what I would have the opportunity to see would be The Hateful 8 Roadshow, a full 3 hour 15 minute movie including intermission that would be screened on a screen so big you could fall into it.

Of course, the fact that this was one of the few films in existence actually filmed in 70mm film made it a huge selling point, so I got myself some tickets for the 9 a.m. screening. I had no idea what to prepare for, but I do know Tarantino well enough to know what to expect from that. For this particular adventure I went to the slightly historic Regal theater which had the proper screen for the show.

The theater was a really lovely theater that managed to look old fashioned, right down to the murals painted into the ceiling. There are so many movie theaters in New York but more often than not I end up going to the same one. So aside from getting to see a great movie I also had a chance to see a pretty lovely little theater. 

Actually, it was a pretty huge theater because only a huge theater could hold the screen that I was about to see a film on. The screen seemed even bigger than an IMAX screen. It was massive. The Roadshow included a program that you could pick up for the film. Armed with coffee I settled into a seat to enjoy the show.  

The film started with an overture because of course it did. When Tarantino decides to do something he doesn't do it by half. Having never seen a film shot in 70mm on a screen designed to who it I had no idea what to expect. 

I will not do a film review. I will say it is an incredible film and seeing it the way I saw it is an experience that can never be outdone. What was amazing about the 70mm film was the vividness of the picture. I've seen more than a few 3D films, but I've never seen a film that was so crisp, so lush, that the it felt like you were watching 3D. This film was so lush, and the image so perfect, I really felt as if I could walk into it. Pair that with the sound, the score, and the amazing acting and it was, in a word, a hell of an experience. A perfect way to start my personal vacation in New York. 

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