Sunday, January 01, 2017

The Sun Still Rises

Last year was hard in so many ways. There were so many horrible things. Feelings that I had alone, pains that were my own; feelings that I shared with everyone, pains that belonged to all of us.

That year is over now.

This one is starting. I watched the sunrise through a bedroom window, in a new home. I watched the sun rise in Chicago and I was happy to know that I was home here. There are still lots of things from the old year that will need to be settled, but life is going on.

For the last few months I've been trapped in my head. Moving about, almost constantly on the road from the summer through the end of the year. The new year looks to be packed with movement as well. There are so many stories I have that I haven't told. As the year kept dragging, it all got more bottled up.

There are a lot of good stories though and it's time to break this bottle open. Finish up some of the old things. Get on with some of the new things. Write the stories, tell them in the order they want to come. Tell the stories I need to tell myself to remember why I get up and watch the sunrise.

This year will have pain and there will be sorrow. Personal pain that I feel alone. Public pain that belongs to us all. It's the moments in between, the little stories here and there that will make all of that worth it.

And when all else fails, I can fall back on puppies.

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