Tuesday, February 14, 2017

American Gothic

Apparently I am on a huge corset kick as I seem to be leaving the house in one on almost a daily basis. I do enjoy how it feels though. Perhaps this is one of the advantages of being older: I simply do no give a fuck about being as goth as I want to be all the time.

I want all the black dresses.

I want all the lace.

I want all the binding leather and steel bones.

I want the knee high combat boots and dark eye makeup.

I want the endless dark dream of being vibrant and ancient and wise and wicked without a real care for melancholy. The old school goths that weren't emo, but reveled in how weird and wild and wonderful it all is. Smart people, sharp people, well dressed and just taking an opportunity to express themselves without a care for judgement or what some would think of on the mortal spectrum. The goths that were immortal, with 1920s style or 1940s embellishments on a 1600 look.

My goth is a blend of ancient wisdom, traditional libertine and modern hedonism. I am unapologetic about it.

It's also full of corsetry.

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