Sunday, February 26, 2017


Traveling eventually always catches up with me. I'm almost at that point. It's worst when I'm on a flight that I can't sleep on. I've had it happen several times.

Flight to Korea, 15 hours, non-stop. My eyes open the whole time. I remember how it made my body tense up then. I felt sick, I'll at ease, terrified every time we hit turbulence. It starts to play with your head, that kind of tired.

Watch a movie.

Watch another movie.

Watch another movie.

Do you know how many movies you can watch in 15 hours?

I hate binge-watching. The entire concept is foreign to me, to sit and sit and sit and sit. Amusement that I don't think the same at all of reading a book. My brain thinks in funny tracks when I haven't had enough sleep.

Once on a flight to London. The flight is short we but the feelings are the same.

Once flying to Guatemala. I thought I'd beat it by keeping my eyes shut and willing my body to be still and sleep. Do you know how tiring it is to force yourself to sleep?

Insomnia has become rather regular part of my life as I've gotten older. I go to bed at the right time, I have all the rituals in place, then I will wake up at 3 a.m.I and lay in bed. It pains me all the time to have this happen. Sometimes I can force myself to go back to sleep. Sometimes my brain just spin. Most of the time give up and read. Anything to pass the time. Then I get up when I should, to workout, and go on with my day.  Again.


Yesterday, flying from Lima I was sick on the plane. This was a new experience. Not one I enjoyed. When I finally got to Chicago for my layover of 10 hours I was thankful I'd planned ahead to take a hotel near the airport.

I checked in and spent the entire day in bed, all of it but for maybe four hours, asleep.

Still traveling. I'm not done traveling yet, which is why perhaps I woke up somewhat tired. Just a few more days.

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