Saturday, February 18, 2017

In Argentina...

I'm on the road again and it will be busy between now and the time I get back to the US for real. At the same time I'm rather amused that I have found something to write about here and there since the beginning of the year. Maybe it is the effect of having been so very thoroughly bottled up last year that I had nothing to say.

Maybe I think that what I have to say is worth saying again.

Maybe being able to get my thoughts out is the best way I can think to exist in this particular time and place.

Argentina is warm and humid, the night felt wet when I escaped my hotel with it's free but poor selection of food and drink.

As it happens I appear to be in a popular expat area of town. I went to an expat type bar. The selection was street London fair, though as far as I could tell most of the people there were locals. I still feel out of place in Spanish speaking countries but Spanish is coming faster these days than Korean. This makes me wonder what is happening to the Korean girl I have fostered in myself for so long.

Will I lose her one day to the language I should have learned, swept away by warm climates, humid nights and the promise of good wine and easy living. I wonder about this as I drink a bottle of damn fine Malbec in a bar for 12.00 dollars.

As I want to go and live I won't have time to keep up this journal, but I also don't want to let it go, so perhaps a few quick stories that will keep it tied up for a few days while I go live life and make more stories, take more pictures.

Live. Maybe a half life in-between identities. Maybe something else.

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