Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Pokey LaFarge

Last night I went to see Pokey Lafarge, which was amazing. I first ran across Pokey a couple of years back when I was looking for shows that I and the boy might see together. It seemed like a thing and it was. Pokey does the sort of classic American big band music you would expect to find easily in a 1920s speakeasy.

Maybe the 1920s in a theme this month.

The last time I saw Pokey was at Lincoln Hall and it was quite a good show. Pokey is irreverent and fun while being true to his music. I was supposed to see him two years ago, but I ended up moving to New York for that whole new job thing and it didn't manifest.

This time I saw him at S.P.A.C.E. which is a smaller venue in Evanston. It manages to hold a lot of people while at the same time being a very intimate place. This may have colored the show a bit. Pokey interacted well with the crowd. Told weird stories, interjected with his life and his thoughts on our current political moment. Almost impossible to miss, really.

But he also sang the music. He sings with such a fierce and amazing passion. I imagine being at his shows is like what it must have been like to see the early Johnny Cash play, in smaller places with a rapid following. He manages to evoke so many emotions, the way his face moves, the expressiveness of his voice.

He is an embodiment of dynamic. It was a very good show.

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