Friday, February 10, 2017

Pre-Coital Conversations

"Can you do my a favor?" My flatmate asks.

"Sure, whazit?"

"Can you bring some stuff in out of the trunk for me?"

"No problem. I'll even not get locked out of the house this time. How do I open James?"

James is the name of the car. James is a sleek little car, a mans man. He handles the streets well and knows how to please the women with his big leather seats that have auto warmers.

"You just feel around by the trunk. There are two buttons. The small one is used to lock but the big one will open it."

"Got it."

I head out to the garage I have only just recently broken into and find James waiting. I move aroudn to his trunk and start to feel around.

Eventually, I found what I was looking for.

Back in the house I drop off boxes.

"You get the stuff?"

"Yep. By the backdoor."

"Any problems?"

"No, at first it was a lot like locating the clitoris. I had to feel around in there for a few minutes and didn't get it the first time, but once I had it everything opened up pretty smoothly."

My flatmate giggles. She gets me.

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