Thursday, February 09, 2017

Returning to the Arts

Now that I have moved again I find myself wondering when I can start an my art studio again. It's been since at least 2010 when I moved out of Korea that I ended up giving up on painting even a little. It's been a long time.

Too long, I think.

Before I can get that far again I have a lot of traveling today but I'm already thinking in terms of paints and brushes, paper and palettes. All the usual studio tools. It will be interesting to see where my art is now, from where it was when I left it.

This is all on my mind, as in the morning I took a friend through pictures from my old gallery. Thinking about displaying work in spontaneous gallery shows made me miss that aspect of my life. Swirling in colors, brushes before me, wearing baggy clothes or nothing at all as my fingers freed themselves on a canvas before me to express my feelings.

In colors there was all my want, my desire, my love and fear. I have hundreds of paintings I need to collect and potentially sell, because it would be acceptable to sell them. Making room for more and generating the revenue to buy supplies to make more. I've always been good at parting with my art, what's the purpose if you don't let it go?



I feel it in my fingers, the magic of colors is coming once again.

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