Friday, February 24, 2017


It's always amusing to see people who are not real people talk about long walks on the beach and sunsets. So few people actually notice the sunset around them. Maybe once, they look up and see a pink or purple sky and think, 'how pretty' and take a picture and walk away.

There are times I plan my workdays around sunsets. In the hope I might catch one over a foriegn city at just the right time. I don't care if I get a picture or not. Sometimes there is music. Sometimes there is just me, watching the sky change colors, getting darker, getting deeper, getting closer to night.

The transition from my day self into who I really am. I feel all the time like darkness and I need each other. I can go about my work day, I can feel it, I can be the person that I am needed to be in that moment, but I live for escape into darkness, the person they do not know. The person that they will never meet.

Sometimes the lines blur. I feel the darkness outside and I start to let go but I'm still working. This is the worst time, when I might be too free of tongue or too light of spirit or too...Me.

Me is lost somewhere in the sunset.

It's not the sunset, really that I love to watch. It's the dark take over. That's where I want to be.

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