Monday, March 13, 2017

Muscle Work

I woke up on Sunday and my muscles were a bit sore, but I figured that was mostly a concert.

I woke up on Monday and my  muscles were practically screaming at me. Great time to start a new workout regime, I figure. My muscles were screaming because on Saturday I decided to do the big three sets: dumbbell squat, dumbbell deadlift, dumbbell press. I didn't use that much weight, but apparently maxing out at 45 had seriously challenged muscles that have been doing cardio since January.

The heavy lifting had seriously put something out in my back so I was laying off for a bit and ramping up the cardio instead. I don't regret that, as it has been nice to get back to a five day a week routine. I do regret putting my back out as it was roughly four months for that particular pain to give up the ghost.

So I started a new routine, and the trainer amuses the pants off me. He is some bulky Austrian who I am fairly sure wants to be Arnold. He will never quite be Arnold, but he is rather amusing in the way he likes to lift. I suppose it is part of the fun of doing the program at the moment. While the soreness hasn't gone away, at least it is for the most part focused and I enjoy the feeling.

Feeling of weights in my hands. Feeling of my weight gloves on my fingers. Feeling of stretching and growing and challenging muscle groups that don't want to be challenged. The desire to lift and lift and lift and lift. I want to be a fast runner, I want to be a heavy lifter, I want to be content with what I can do physically so that when people mock me I can be secure in my knowledge that while I might not look it, I can outrun, out lift, and out live their mockery with everything I do. My fitness goals are fairly straightforward.

Contentment. I just want to be content.

In the stiffness and the soreness of my body, I feel that at the moment.

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