Tuesday, March 21, 2017

She Wants Revenge

Moving, at least for the time would keep.

While traveling I got a notice from the concert tool I use to track who is touring that She Wants Revenge was doing a ten year anniversary tour, I spent a little too much money for a VIP ticket so I could go upstairs and see the band from the balcony. I'd also get in before the rest of the guest and, my gods, SHE WANTS REVENGE.

I've been a fan every since I heard the opening refrain of Tear You Apart.

I got as gothed up as I wanted to be for the show, which is fairly gothed up. I wore lace and I'm fairly sure my bra and stockings were visible beneath. My Docs were dirty from trips but I didn't care.

10 years.

It seems almost impossible that it was 10 years, but ten years. The first time I heard the band was in 2006. I recall discovering them from eMusic, where I was a subscriber. The must was suggested and it was perfect for me. It described that moment, in 2006 that I was living through.

Here I was ten years later. My moment was certainly different, yet the music was perfectly appropriate. The music still manages to describe my time, my now, my reality. In some ways, I'm even more in touch with the music now than I was then, with distance, with age, with understanding of how much power I have to embrace my own life, my own choices, and my own truth unapologeticly. This is the biggest gift of now.

The opening act was an assortment of angry pretty young things.

She Wants Revenge was fucking magical. Afterwards I traveled down to the stage and asked Justin, who was packing his own gear, if I could have the set list.

"Your music helped me through a really dark time. Thank you."

He nodded, distracted, smiled, handed me the list.

New York was hot and steamy that night and seemed to match my mood, elated, hot, steamy.

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