Friday, March 03, 2017


There are stories to tell, there are always stories to tell. I wonder how to organize all those different moments.

Today, I'm not sure what to say.

Tomorrow maybe I will know what I want to say.

In this moment?

It is a moment.

Last year, there were so many things that happened last year, so many moments that I just let slip by because I couldn't face writing. This is the thing I have come to realize. I don't write when I want to create blank spaces in my memory.

They become then, black holes that I can't fill in. Thoughts that are lost, moments that never happened. Last year, I think, I wanted to cease to exist. This year, I think, despite how hard it seems to me to want to, I want to exist more than anything.

There are things upcoming and all ongoing and everything is sort of present.

Where to even passport has a thousand stamps, my life a thousand little tumbles of joy here and there. Passions and people and passing fancies and all of these things interesting for their own sake. Or at least, they are all interesting to me.

I need to catch up on some stories to keep going with the new stories, but all the things, all the things...

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