Saturday, March 04, 2017

The Thames River

In London again. Or I was in London. These stories make no sense because I tell them out of order, but they are my memories and they make sense in my mind in the order I tell them. I remember them and they were my experiences.

I'm in a shitty hotel because I try to be a good employee and save the company money. I vow not to do it again, but it ends up working out in my favor when we end up on a boat on the Thames river for our final event. We cross the bridge and get to the river just as the sun is starting to think of dropping in the sky. It's June, but London is not so hot, not like New York hot, rather a cool that almost makes you want a jacket. There is no humidity there, just the lightness of London in the late evening of summer.

We board a rocky boat and in the boat we can see all the variety of buildings on the river. The things I love about London. The old and the new, ancient and modern. Inside of London I feel like I am interacting with history at a level that I have never experienced, even in countries where I could walk by a building that was a thousand years old. Is this my Western privilege, or American privilege? Somehow I find this all more moving than China, Korea, Japan...who knows. Maybe I just need to travel more and more.

The boat takes us up and down. Everyone talks, but what I want to do is watch the buildings pass to see it all as it slips by us. The water beating against the boat, the lights springing to life as the sun sets and the night comes down. We park later under the Eye, the big wheel in the sky that spins over London.

I walk back to my hotel in the dark past a pair of geese crossing the lawn. For some reason I am in love with these geese. They watch the humans and they don't care about the humans, they don't move out of the way or relent, they exist and they feel that they own the space they are in.

The walk was cool on my way back to my room and I slept hard until work the next day.

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