Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Where's the Revolution

Violator dropped in 1990.

It was just slightly ahead of me, and it took me until 1997 to truly appreciate Depeche Mode. I couldn't understand the fever around Violator. I discovered Music for the Masses while I lay dying in bed in my room. I listened to it on on for a week. The same week I spent crawling down a hallway to get water. The same week that I realized I might not make it: from starvation, from sepsis, from loneliness.

I discovered art that week, too.

And adulthood.

And freedom.

From that day, I love Depeche Mode. I have found that the understand how to express me when I don't know how to express myself. They have sincerely not stopped doing so.

The new album just dropped. The first song says it all.

They wrote songs. They took names. They gave no fucks at all. And for this, I thank them. The girl that lived thanks them. Right now, I need this.

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