Friday, April 07, 2017

Cellar Door

I'm on the road again. Leaving Glasgow soon to go back to London. This trip has been full of work and I doubt I'll do anything much more interesting than that between now and the long flight home. The upcoming visit to Hellion has me so excited I can barely stand it.

However, since I'm going back to London I might go again and try to find one of the bathroom bars, or maybe the same bathroom bar I went to last time. Bathroom bars, what will the world think of next. Well, at least this was something that had been thought of. Last year when I was in London my boss at the time pointed it out to me.

"I thought I might take us there."

"What's there? The subeway?

It looked like a subway box, they way it stuck up out of the ground, but apparently it wasn't a subway box.

"That is a bathroom."

"You wanted to take me to the bathroom?"

"No, it's a public bathroom, but now it's a bar."

"Wait, what?"

So at some point in the past a bunch of public bathrooms in London were converted into little bars and restaurants. This one, as it turns out, had been converted into a bar and as far as I could tell mini cabaret. I'm up for it, but not really with co-workers. Fortunately we didn't go there.

The next night I got away from work early and decided to have a look.

The lights are red and oppressive in side. Everything is weird bright, like an hallucination. The feeling, the sensation is of stepping into a speakeasy. A red head in a low cut gown leans against the bar next to me. He hair is piled on her head and it is impossible to look away from her, her body, her breasts beautifully exposed. She is the cabaret singer, working with her accompanist, who plays perfect organ for her bawdy show. 

She slinks around the bar, drapes herself off men and woman, kisses the girls, makes the boys blush. Some of them try to bluster, to be asses, really, but she embarrasses them easily enough and the crowd in the crowded underground laughs. I feel like Alice in a booze soaked wonderland. It was fun for the night. I can image it would be fun again. 

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