Saturday, April 29, 2017

Local Adoption

Recife was a city at night for me. The time I had off was mostly at night and so I mostly saw things that were available at night. The city was sparkles and night lights. This suited me somehow. 

On the day before my last I decided to go walking along the beach again. Regardless of the murders, thieves and whores. The air was too warm and moist and I was too excited by being South of the boarder again to deal with sitting in my room alone drinking. I looked up someplace to go and decided to walk there. 

Exhaustion, I had not counted on, but it was the exhaustion that got to me before I found whatever place along the shore I was thinking to fine, so after a point I turned back. Walked past the sleeping locals on benches and ran into an elderly lady brushing her dog on the street. 

Her dog was a shih tzu, beautiful little dog. Immediately I felt overwhelmed by all the feelings that come with having lost a pet recently so I couldn't help going up to her and asking if I could pet her dog. She spoke not a lick of English and I speak no Portuguese at all so we were having a lot of fun. It turned out that things worked better if I wrote them down on my phone. 

While I didn't know much Portuguese and she didn't know much English, we had just enough Spanish in between us to figure it out. She told me to put my camera away. 

I told her that her dog was beautiful. 

She told me I was very pretty and I should watch out for bad men. 

I told her she was very kind. 

She told me I was like a daughter to her. 

I smiled. I didn't know how to respond. 

She held my hand as I held her dog and started to cry. 

She wiped away my tears as the ocean crashed behind me. She helped point me in the right direction to get me back to my hotel. 

Brazil was a strange and beautiful place. 

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