Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Medieval Dress Up

We road bikes from the Shedd to the Art Institute. The late spring weather was perfect for a bike ride through the parks of Chicago. Warmish wind running through our hair as we dodged the various tourists walking about the lanes on our little blue bikes. Pedaling and keeping up with each other, racing here and there where it was safe, on sidewalks, on the road. The city laid out before us, crowded and full of people, and the two of us, disappeared in our own little world on bikes.

The museum was not to crowded on the afternoon and we made it quickly into see the new display, Saints and Heros, Medieval arms and armory. The collection is one of the best curated I have ever seen, with plate metal from a variety of regions, chain metals for various occasions, jousting gear, helmets, spears, swords, and ancient guns.

Most impressive was the gun room. To imagine the time when the gun, the rifle, these things were just being built, just being figured out. The time between load on any of them being almost thirty seconds. A lifetime against their modern progeny.

Beautiful craftsmanship, with silver handles and ivory, and polished woods. Gorgeous and deadly.

Afterward we went to the art bar and Hellion bought me a cupcake. We went out to the patio to eat and I picked up a glass of prosecco.

"I don't really want any." Hellion insisted.

"That smells amazing." Hellion exclaimed.

"Just a sip."

"Oh my god."

"I'm going to go get a us a bottle," I smiled, amused, happy in the garden of one of my favorite places in the world with a man I adore.

We sat sipping on sparkling wine as the sky slowly clouded over and the rain began to come, slowly at first, to pick up as we worked to wend our way back home.

The afternoon was fragrant with lavender, the smell of the storm and an air of happiness.

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