Wednesday, June 07, 2017

You Guys Want to Hang Out?

The dinner portion of the date having finished, we walked across the street to call a car to come bring us back to my place from the hinterlands of RP (just far enough to be a pain in the ass to walk, just out of the way enough to be almost inaccessible by public transit). We stood on the street outside a Popeye's restaurant, the sun starting to tilt towards the horizon.

Most of the dinner portion was spent lost in storm cloud eyes and doing my best not to embarrass myself (I only half succeed at this). The food was good. The company was better. Across the street at the cross walk so as not to die at the hands of oncoming traffic, we stand, we wait, I order a car.

"Hey, so how are you guys doing, I'm just walking down the street and I thought I'd come say hi."

The stranger, for he was a stranger to me and to the date, had come out of nowhere. He was tall and lanky and dark, with that heroin look of lead singers of goth bands. His bottom lip had three rings, the bridge of his nose was pierced, his ears looked like hamburger though there were not currently any visible rings, just holes. His hair was cut into a ramshackle mohawk, which glistened oddly in the light. He looked like a picture of goth, with goth cut jeans that had pipping and leg guards, with doc martins that needed a polish.

He stood jittery, drinking the beer in his hand, taking a sip, and picking up the conversation.

"Yeah, so I was just out drinking my beer and I saw you there, and I thought you guys would be cool and stuff, and hey you are kind goth yourself."

The beer points at me and I smile, "Yes. I am as goth as they say I am." I'm dressed in a black sweater dress with a lace up front, black stocking, docs and black eyeliner. The pink leather jacket just makes it that much gother. I smile again. I'm almost certain my eyebrow ring is sparkling in the light as I stand there.

"Yeah, that's cool," he says, he's not listening. I'm amused. I'm so amused. "So, do you guys want to like go somewhere and hangout, you know and like chill?"

"Actually, we were planning to go back to my place and have sex." The way in which I pointedly don't look at my date amused me. The way in which he doesn't react is perfect.

"Yeah, yeah, I can see that's cool and stuff. Yeah, I'm just out doing my thing, you know. In Chicago. I'm like the lead singer of band, right. Ascension, right."

"Is it like goth music?"

"More like goth industrial stuff you know."

"Do you play in Chicago."

"No man, it's like all on facebook and shit, right. I make a song and you have to upload it an get it out there and instagram and facebook and all that shit."

"Social media marketing is a real drag."

He looks at me blankly. I'm not putting forth the conversation he is hoping for, but it was the best I can do. His frenetic energy is pulsing in every direction. I look down the street, wonder where the car is.

" And look there is Pekish, man I want to get something to eat."

"They are closed-"

"My friend took me there the first time and I thought it would be all like Ed Hardy and shit, but the menu is really cool and they have great beer, and the food is good, but man, yeah, I could really go for some Pekish, the food is alright."

"Their closed."

"Ah, really, man. I was going to go there and get something to eat. They have really great food. I like to get-"

"That place next door is open. We just came from there. They are setting up for a band."

"Yeah, a band. That's cool. What kind of music?"

"Looks like old school Chicago blues. Old guy setting up with a guitar. We might have stayed, but you know, we are going to have sex."

"Yeah, yeah, I get it, if you are trying to get rid of me that's cool and stuff, but you know, I like music, yeah, maybe I'll go there," he taps his beer against his leg.

"So-" He turns back into us just as the car pulls up and we say a swift, cluttered goodbye, our words not making any sense as we jump in and start off towards my place.

Laughter, I'm barely able to contain myself.

"What was that?" We are both smiles, we are full of giggles.

"Yeah, shit like that happens to me all the time. Welcome to my life."

The laughter got us back to the house and back to my room. We did what we had planned to do.

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