Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Did you hear...?

I finish up a roughly two hour consult. Everyone is pleased with what I have to say. I love what I have to say. I'm good at what I have to say.

Considering the amount of time I spent at the site, I should have been the biggest show, but...

"We were looking at our library and it's like all our books are nothing but death, suspense, murder, death, kill."

I'm amused. I can understand why a library might trend towards death. You have been in this industry long enough, it's not hard to understand how that can be true.

"So, we are all good, if you need anything you can call me."


Laughter, again about the library.

"What's that?"

"We are just so obsessed about death."

"It is fascinating, because it doesn't come close to home that often. I enjoy the occasional-,"

They interrupt me.

"Oh my god did you hear about the boys?"

"What boys?" My compatriot asked?

"The four boys that disappeared from Bucks county within days of each other."

"What?" we both ask.

And they tell the same story.

"But did you hear-" the voice is from the hallways and he runs into the room.

"Oh, hi."


"This is-"

They introduce him and he updates us on the story. There has been an arrest and all over the country they have dispatched drilling machines to see if they can find bodies.

"Wait, on...the - roads?"


"We drove through those roads!" And we had, we had driven through the slow points where they were trying to keep traffic from interfering with the dig. No way to know it was related to violence. It was odd...

To be so close to something so horrible.

And also to be so curious.

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