Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Land of Clouds and Rainbows

The next morning Hector meets me at the hotel and we walk to our destination where I spend most of my day doing what I need to do for the work things. That done I am set free to wander about the streets and find things on my own, which I do. 

I find a little restaurant across from some lovely street art. The art is reflective of the country. Religious holy works. The food is good here, the people friendly. My Spanish continues to get better. Each trip I feel slightly more comfortable in Central America, but Colombia is something very special. There is something about Colombia that is more beautiful than all the other countries I have been in. I wander about the streets feeling perfectly safe. At one point, my backpack (with my work computer) is open and a local runs up to me and tells me and helps me close my bag. 

There is something lovely in Colombia. 

My coworkers tell me that they will be picking me up later to take me to dinner and also to tour the countryside and I think this all sounds lovely. They tell me I will have to wait for awhile, but they will come get me around the evening time. So, I had to the rooftop bar in my little hotel to wait. There I sit and gaze out at the sky. 

The air is pregnant and full of water and fire. Something on the edge of becoming and I am wondering about what it about to happen. I order a bottle of wine off the menu from one of my favorite vineyards in Chile. I feel like Colombia is trying to keep me. 

Suddenly, the sun is shining down hard against the restaurant. There are no windows here, but they do manage to have some window covers to lower and they lower them just in time for the rain that suddenly starts. A fast hard downpour with loud thunder rolling off the mountains, and all of this while the sun still shines. 

And then I look out the window. 

And then I see the rainbow. 

And then I realize the rainbow is the sky. The rainbow is the clouds and the sky. There is no place where the sky ends and the rainbow begins. The rainbow is Colombia and the rainbow is they sky and I am sitting and having my wine in the land of clouds and rainbows. 

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