Sunday, August 06, 2017

Digging through my Camera, Thinking...

When I don't know where to start sometimes I dig through my camera to find the stories I haven't told. It fascinates me to think there are so many little stories buried here and there in my camera: either my phone or my actual camera. Little lost memories that pictures prompt, but then all the flood of memories that come around with those pictures that I realized I recall, but don't have a photo to illustrate.

Sometimes life without illustration works, too.

I barely wrote last year, and it has been good to catch up on all the missed stories here and there. A few left, buried memories that have not been exposed. Like sipping wine while watching the sun set over the desert, or making a road trip to acquire two small dogs. Little realizations in the meantime, all wrapping in with all the things I have been doing.

Sometimes I sit and read these words. Journals, moments in time, moments in my mind, lost in a tunnel of recall where it is occasionally out of reach and I wonder "who wrote those words?"

They are all mine.

My fictionalized life. My non-fiction life. The stories I tell that seem to strange to be true, and yet, I know they happened. I tell them honest, sometimes poetic, sometimes flustered, sometimes with all the details, sometimes with holding more than I say.

I read the stories and can see the things in-between the lines that mean something only to me.

Writing it down just helps me remember it was all real, my way of knowing I was here, I was there, and I will be there in the future. The future is planes at dawn, pretty girls, pretty boys, wine, laughter, and the work I love. With that in mind I think it will all come together well in the end.

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