Saturday, December 30, 2017

Winter resting, lobster and love...

"Looks like you got a lot of snow."

"Yeah, we have had a few storms so far this year. Snow hits the ground and stays there til it thaws out in the spring."

"That's how it should be," says Hellion from next to me. 

"Where are you all coming in from?"

"New York City."

"That gets a fair amount of cold, too. This your first time in Maine?"

"Yes, I wanted to take a short vacation, and this seemed easy and close enough for a quick break."

"Well, you came at the right time, some things are still open." 

We drive in the crisp cool afternoon as the sun gets close to setting on the horizon. This close to Christmas you would expect the traffic not to be very bad, however, we run into a few bad drivers on the road. 

She mutters under her breath and the bad driving. 

"Sorry, I don't mean to talk back at them, just sometimes they can make me so angry."

"Don't worry about it, my Dads are pretty aggressive drivers." Hellion launches into a story about driving, swearing, and chasing down people that might give the fingers after cutting someone off.

"Oh, no, I wouldn't chase someone these days that gave me the finger. You can never be to careful and I don't want to get shot."

"That's right, Maine's an open carry state, right?" Hellion knows far more about this than I do, so I sit back and listen as we take in the snowy scenery on the way to the hotel. 

"That's right it is. I usually have my gun on me, but I don't always take it with me on trips when I drive like this. But I have a special pocket for it in my bag and everything so I can reach right in and pick it up. My little gun, it's a 9mm."

"That's not a very little gun."

"I know how to use it to, I go to the range on a regular basis."

They talk guns and eventually switch over to local points of interest as we drive into downtown Portland, Maine. The little hotel looks over the harbor and is right across the street from restaurants that promise wine and food and good times with good people. The city was perfect for a one day trip, easy to walk to everything, lots of seafood. 

In the morning we wake up very, very late and get out of bed much, much later than that. We decide on the chowder house across the street after a quick online search reveals they serve chowder in bread bowls. I get a lobster stew that is really just a glorified excuse to eat lobster claws in a thin broth. The place we ended up at was full of locals, and the locals were asking about the lobster twin meal. 

"Well, that's two lobsters for 31 dollars and you can share it if you want to."

"That's a good deal," says Hellion listening in. 

"This is good lobster."

We take the day to wander, going about a variety of shops, looking at cards, local knickknacks and specialties, walking arm in arm through the 20 degree weather. 

"The weather is so perfect." 

"Yes, it is," I can't help to agree. 

"I could totally live here." I can't help but to agree with that either. 

As the sun starts to fall we hit up an oyster bar to stave off hunger until dinner rolls around. We liked the lunch place so much we went back for dinner and got the twin lobsters. We drank wine and lay in each others arms until late into the night, before dashing early the next day for a very early morning flight. We napped in bed together back in New York until it was time for Hellion to work, and for me to check into a hotel and read. I spent three days reading and being with someone I adore, even if I'm not particularly fond of New York city, good friends and good people make it easier. 

The lobster is now but a brief memory, but the love isn't.

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