Thursday, March 08, 2018

Nor'easter 2018

"The weather is going to be hell today. My flight is already delayed, I'm trying to get out to Atlanta and then go from there."

"Everything is going to be grounded."

"It can't be that bad already."

The other professional travelers staying at my hotel were talking about the weather in daunting terms and I really hadn't paid that much attention to it since I wasn't going to be traveling on a plane for the next seven days. Just trains and cars for me, and I figured since I didn't need to fly I didn't need to worry about thy weather.

Standing by the door and watching thick, wet, flakes of snow falling out of the sky I realized that perhaps I should have paid more attention to the weather.

Coworker: I'll be there in 10.

10 minutes later.

Coworker: Should be about 10 minutes now. Traffic is bad.

10 minutes later.

Coworker: Almost there.

Our first meeting was set to go around 10 and we would be lucky to get on the road by 9:45 a.m. at this point. I waited and watched as the snow started to stick.

"It's sticking, I told you."

"But not to the road," the front desk manager responded to the janitor she clearly had a bet with.

"Makes for bad driving. And snow like this can bring down power lines, put everything off."

My co-worker pulled up around this time and, walking into the hard, fast, wet pelt of snow I realized all I wanted to do on a day like this was not be out inside of it.

"We should be able to make the first meeting."

"With snow like this it can pull down power likes, throw everything off," I found myself parroting.

"We should be fine."

As it worked out, about 20 minutes into the 50 minute drive to the first school we get a call requesting a schedule change. The power was out at home and the director wanted to go deal with it. Fair enough.

"You think the other meeting is on?"

"Let's get breakfast and make a decision."

The weather managed to decide for us over breakfast, as the winds stared peaking at 65 mph and the cold and wet was making it all around miserable. With the second afternoon meeting moved, it was decided that getting a train to the city made the most sense, and we could do so if we could make it one town over in a hurry.

The white knuckled drive was not fun, but thinking about what should be a relatively smooth  traan ride made it bearable. Sitting in the lot, drying off from yet again being exposed to the deluge, we talked and waited until the train time came. Looking up, waiting, listening for the sound of the train, nothing.

"I think something is wrong."

She looked for information on her phone and I cracked the window to make it easier to hear announcements. At roughly the same time we discovered all trains on the line were suspended until further notice because of a tree downing power lines.

Plan B.

"If I get you to Secaucus that should do it. It's pretty much the biggest hub."

We managed to slide through most traffic as anyone who could think of a reason wasn't on the road. Pulling into Secaucus I managed to find the platform get my ticket transferred and get to a train, just in time.

Announcement: The train will depart in 8 minutes.

Announcement: The train will depart in 5 minutes.

Announcement: The train will depart in 8 minutes.

Announcement: The train will depart in 11 minutes.

Announcement: The train will depart in 5 minutes.

Announcement: The train will depart in 8 minutes.

This went round and round for the better part of an hour until, miraculously the train finally arrived.

New York was cold and wet but the trains worked well once I was in the city, spiriting me off to the arms of my lover for the weekend and giving me a chance to at least try to warm up and dry out before I would need to rush off and do it all over again.

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