Saturday, July 07, 2018

Just Hanging Around

Roughly two years ago, just around the time of the somewhat rushed move from New York back to Chicago, I spent a week in Recife being good at my job. Like most weeks spent in foreign countries, I usually manage to do what I set out to do, and that particular week was no exception.

On this particular trip I'd managed to get some cash in the local currency. This happens less and less often now, as I may well forgo getting any cash at all under the assumption that most of the time I'll be with handlers or likely to be able to use plastic to science fiction exchange labor credits for things.
However, occasionally, it seems like having cashy-money is a good thing.

There was a car set to come and fetch me from the hotel that morning, and I still had a few dollars worth of local coin burning a whole in my pocket. The day before, when walking back from the beach I had noticed a gentleman on the corner selling various types of fabric things and made a note to try to stop by before I left for the airport the next day.

When I approached the guy on the corner, there was not much to see. He had a few macrame car seat covers, and some various other types of fabric one my used to adorn a vehicle, but then I noticed some stuff hanging around the other side of the wall which appeared to be tapestries, but I wasn't quite sure. Through a muddled process of 'I don't know your language' we managed to work out a system of communication that eventually allowed me to stumble upon a word we both knew "hammock". So the last of my dollars in the local currency went to procure a hammock. I recall he asked for probably a hundred more pesos than I had on hand, but when I showed him my wallet and that this was, quite literally, all the money I had in the world, he happily took my cash in exchange for a hammock.

My thinking at the time was that this hammock would make a nice housewarming gift for the Bard and the Electrician. After over a year of languishing in an upstairs closet, a stand has been acquired and the hammock now swings prettily in the backyard. The dogs are in love with it.

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