Sunday, September 08, 2019

Survivors gonna survive

Watching the world melt down for the last three years has not been entertaining. This thing, the exposure of all the toxic underlying reality that some of us have always known and some of us have never known. 

The survivors do what must be done while the collective rest lose their collective mind and wonder what happened to all the decent and normal and wonderful and innocent world...then there is the collective that has just figure out how to keep moving. 

The world has manifested the underbelly. 

I wondered the other day if this is not part of a 100 years cycle that humanity beats to, a single drum of the real, unfettered, human that we are-restrained animal with toys and wealth and capacity far beyond any maturity we have sustained as a species. 

We rush towards the future, looking already head to 2030 and 2040 and 2050...and in the meantime around us are the same signs of a precipice, of a society driven to it's darkest pockets of exclusivity and alienation. Anyone not me is alien. Everyone is alien. 

Burn the whole thing now. 

100 years ago, the 1930s.

100 years later the 2030s. 

Is it any wonder that we haven't even acknowledged the first world war of the twenty aughts. It's a marvel that it is that almost 100 years after the first world war, spanning 2014 to 2018, we have had a repeat.

Perhaps very few people see it, but someday I think there will be historians that look back at us and shake their heads that we have been so naive as not to realize that we are already in the midst of a war that started in the mid 2000s and rages yet still, now a burning ember of a war. We are now all the survivors of the first data wars, and as the fallout continues to settle and winners and losers continue to rise and fall, the trailing threads and insecurities created by the early 21st Century data wars are the burning embers of resentment in culture, social change, and mobility that will eventually become the raging fires of the 2030s. Perhaps by then, it will be fought be weapons, but it seems clear that our desire for blood thirsty pillaging is at the moment being mitigated into a manifested need to control and capitalize. 

It's an odd thing to know that I have lived through a war waged on glowing screens. It is a wonder to know that even more fighting will happen in the next 10 years. This dark war is not one without causalities. Countries have fallen to the misinformation campaigns waged in the twenty aughts. Western democracy attacked mercilessly is in the throes of restoration, yet still strangled by property into capitulating into the defeat that was created very specifically for us. The active campaign may have been exposed, and possibly ended, the consequences still far from revealed. And this is the stage up which we will enter our mid-century. 

I'm curious what will happen halfway through this century, perhaps I will even get to witness it first hand. 

For now, like most survivors, I've been trying to handle myself. The world outside my mind always provided the stability for me to navigated the tender tendrils of my own humanity, which oftentimes is a game of cat and mouse. Can we be human for 24 hours today and if we cannot, what then?

When the world goes mad around you, madness becomes everything. 

Disengaging is a way to handle this. 

Reengaging is another. 

The cluster and cacophony that has been raging is a boil. It spills over. There is so much to say. 

There is so much more to survive. 

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